The Right Way to Scrub


Ways to Exfoliate Face

You could be that type of woman that takes care of her skin but still there are some things that you could be doing wrong. See below tips on the best way to scrub your face.

= Don’t use harsh scrubs or scrub too often.

= Avoid crushed nuts that are jagged. They can cause tiny lacerations in the skin, making the skin vulnerable.

= While the general rule is to exfoliate twice a week, your skin type plays a factor. Oily skin can handle exfoliation sessions up to four times a week, whereas dry or sensitive skin should stick to once- or twice-a-week scrubs.

= Do exfoliate with natural fruit enzymes. Fruit acids from pumpkin, papaya, and pineapple, for example, dissolve dead skin cells gently yet effectively.

Tip: Happy with your current product but want to get fruity? Pump up your scrub by squirting a little lemon juice into it for instant brightening and buffing action.


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