New edition of Nairobi Sessions get creative


And the Nairobi Sessions continue, this week with Wambura Mitaru and Just A Band as the main features.

Wambura sings Radi na Umeme, a dedication to unity among the human race. As a student at Berkeley School of Music and a younger sister to musician Sara Mitaru, Wambura’s voice and song are very convincing.

JAB, or Just A Band was represented by their most outspoken band member Blinky Bill on the second part of the sessions.

This edition of the sessions was shot in a music store at the Sarit Centre, with guitars dangling from the ceiling and creating a mixed feeling of genius and clutter.

Music producer David ‘Blackman’ Muthami, who is the brain child behind Nairobi sessions, says the new location was meant to show that the music could just as easily be coming out of New York, London, or any other ‘global urban city’ in the world.

The music was totally un-rehearsed.