Spray for Change on the Move with Duracoat

Digital-Kenya-by-Wise-2*Wise2 creates an image of a new age, digital Kenya

Kenyans will now be able to witness works of art while driving around the city courtesy of Duracoat’s Spray for Change initiative.

The project, featuring 10 urban artists, began as an art installation and contest at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in February. Delivery trucks for Basco Paints have now been commissioned as canvases for these artists to showcase their work, creating “mobile” art galleries for Kenyans to experience.

“The message for these works of art is a New Kenya, and each artist has interpreted this in their own way. The art will give people something to think about as they sit in traffic and will also help promote these talented individuals,” said Head of Marketing, Altaf Jiwa.

The first trucks were designed by Esen, Bankslave, Uhuru B and Wise2. The artists will also be working on other pieces around the city as part of this initiative. The Spray for Change initiative was recently featured on CNN as a project that creatively engaged Kenyans to think about peace and the future in the run up to the Elections.

Reborn-by-EssenAdding-Colour-to-NairobiEsen’s piece “Reborn” is a message of hope and optimism for our country

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