Curvy Chronicles: How to rock a dress top


NJAMZ-2(BY NJAMIO) Literally dig into your closet and fish out that dress at the back of your closet that you have always felt is edgy but had some sort of fault.  In my case, I have had this asymmetrical dress that is edgy but I felt was too short to be worn on its own, which can easily take it from classy to trashy and that is the one look we never want to go for.

The dress is a forest green color, short at the front and gets longer toward the back, forming a tail.

How to put your outfit together:

-Find a dress that is not too tight, so that it flows  freely.

-Pair it with fitted jeans/tights/cropped pants (bottoms have to be fitted), so the dress flows down freely without forming bumps and creases, we are curvy enough…do we really need extra creases? 😉

I paired my asymmetrical dress with white distressed jeans, a monochrome faux leather jacket and some ankle strap pumps. There’s something about green that goes with gold…hence the accessories.


Keep it curvy and confident!

XOXO Njamz

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