2013 beauty products essentials


Each and every one of us has a unique face complete with unique features and I do believe we are all naturally beautiful. Make-up was created to help enhance and make pop what God has already blessed us with making the use of it a personal choice.

It is necessary to treat ourselves once in a while by spending money and time on our hair, body and face. Every woman who wears make-up has a different beauty style and regime. If you are that woman… it is good to keep up with the times and to do that there are about 12 beauty products essentials that every woman should own.

Every woman should own the following:


1. Concealer and compact powder

This goes hand in hand with foundation so if you have dark circles under your eyes or blemish anywhere on your skin you can conceal it pap!

Nobody likes to look at a super shiny face or nose. A matte looking face always looks fresher and is pleasant to look at.  In fact,  always carry an extra compact powder in your handbag as it always comes in handy and it is easy to carry around and just in case you are not for compact powder, loose powder can also do the trick.

2. Blush

Blush helps to contour your face, so if it works for you then by all means own it! Blush helps give you a delicate, beautiful-looking skin and this in turn makes you glow. Choose a color that will go well with your complexion and the rest of your make-up.

3. Lipstick

The modern woman should own at least one signature lipstick as a colored lip does wonders to your face and your complexion.It almost gives you an instant face lift! If you are bold enough, go for the reds and bright pinks. Nothing says sexy like a red lippy worn with confidence and suits your complexion.

4. Lip balm and Lip gloss

-Everyone should own some lip balm and  in fact it should be made mandatory that you should own some lip balm from as young as age 9. Lip balms help you take care of your lips and also protect your lips from chapping.You are allowed to own as many flavors as you wish.

-In the same way no one likes to look at a shiny face, nobody likes to look at a dry, busted pout. Lip glosses give you that beautiful pout shine that makes your face look lively instantly. Also if you are afraid of lipstick, lipgloss will come in very handy.

5. Eye shadow

Eye shadow makes your eyes pop and depending on how you wear it, you can give your eyes a different shape and size which in turn will give you a different look.

6. Make up Brushes

Of course you need all the right make-up brushes to help you apply your make-up well. Each brush has it’s own use.

7. Mascara and Eye liner

These help to make your eyes pop and draw attention to your eyes. If your eyes are your best feature then for sure you cannot do without these two.

8. False lashes

Many people may find wearing false lashes an uncomfortable affair. It takes some getting used to. These make your lashes look like they go on for days giving you doll like eyes. It can prove hard to wear these everyday so maybe they should be saved for days when you have ample time in your hands.

9. Shower gels, body moisturizers, hand lotions

These not only help your skin glow and look healthy, they also aid in making your skin smell lovely automatically. It is wise to choose products that have excess moisture content in them as they will do more good to your skin as well as help protect your skin from harsh conditions as well as of course make you smell awesome.

10. Nail polish

Plain, clean well kept nails are pleasant to look at but you could always take this a notch higher by painting your nails well in colors that suit your complexion and maintaining the clean well done look. This helps draw the right attention to your hands.  A change is always good so you can own as many nail polishes as possible provided you take care of your nails. Remember your nails can tell so much about you.

11. Signature scent

Everyone loves a person who smells good. Besides, smelling good helps build your self confidence. You should have at least a signature e scent that everyone will associate you with.

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