Mixologist of the Year: Alex Kavita and his recipe

mixologist of the year taste awards 2013

(L-R) Alex Kavita (joint- winning mixologist from Fairmont Norfolk), Nicholas Mutinda (Sales EABL) & Executive Chef Karan Suri (Fairmont Norfolk)

With a background in hospitality, he experienced the opportunity to be exposed to a wide range of beverages and ingredients and interact with professionals within the field. This is what enticed him into the wonderful world of mixology. According to Alex ‘it is the art of combining flavours to make a superb drink. It involves skill and dedication. It’s easy to be a bartender but not everyone can be a mixologist.

For Alex, uniqueness and innovation is the source of his inspiration when creating new cocktails. He takes his job seriously knowing that the most satisfying thing is challenging and wowing the palates of clients with unusual ingredient combinations. Being nominated as a contender for Mixologist of the Year was a real honour and an opportunity to showcase his talent, even though he knew it was no easy task being up against some of the other best mixologists locally.

Alex blew away the judges with one of his winning cocktails, which showcased the very essence of Ciroc. His use of subtle flavours, and an understanding of how to ensure the purity of Ciroc can still be tasted reflecting the art of this Ultra-Premium Vodka. Appropriately named L’amour de la vie or love of life, it is pretty certain anyone who tries this cocktail will fall in love with it.


Here’s the winning recipe:

45 ml Ciroc Vodka
5 Pieces Grapes
15 ml Lime Juice
5 ml Vanilla Syrup
5ml Kirsch
A few sprigs of Rosemary Herb
Garnish – Rosemary Herb

Add all the ingredients in a Boston shaker with 8 cubes of ice and shake well for 2 mins
before double straining the mix in to a chilled Martini Glass. A sprig of rosemary to garnish that gives a nice bouquet as you sip away

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    Uko juu Kizee. Keep it up!


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