The mullet addiction

Oh the mullet addiction! The mullet trend has been around for a while and surprisingly it is going strong. You might also know it as the hi-low or the waterfall style. The mullet style is fashionably known so because of it’s short at the front, long at the back cut and some prefer to describe it as business in the front party in the back or party in the front and business in the back depending on how long or short you normally wear your dresses.

hi-low There are so many design cuts to it and it all depends on what tickles your fancy. There are hi-low’s that have a cascading waterfall glamorous look to them while there are those where the mullet is quite short.


The best thing about this trend is that you can very easily get on the bandwagon and DIY. In most cases all you will need is a pair of scissors and in some cases you might need a needle and thread to neaten the parts you’ve cut out.

This style also allows you to choose which side you want your mullet because the side mullet is also quite hot on the trend.


The mullet trend doesn’t only apply to dresses…There are mullet skirts…


…and tops.

It is a cute trend so by all means do go on and get/make yourself that mullet dress, skirt or top and get on the mullet addiction bandwagon already.


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