Here’s what men think about during sex


Here are the 10 things men think about during sex … according to the women’s magazine “Maire Claire”.  I know what you’re thinking:  This is a magazine for women, so this list is going to be LAME.  And for the most part …you’re right.

But for what it’s worth, this list was written by a GUY, so some of it actually makes sense.  Here you go:

1.)  How did I get here?  For single guys, this is the moment you realize you’re finally about to get laid.

Part of you can’t quite believe it, and part of you is desperately trying to remember for next time:  “What did I do in order to get this person to want to have sex with me?”

2.)  I’m out of shape:  At the moment of truth, the fact that most of us guys are lazy and out-of-shape can hit home pretty hard.  Inevitably, you’re wishing you stuck to your New Year’s Resolution about doing more crunches.

3.)  Don’t finish!  Unless you’re an expert in tantric sex, there’s going to be a difference between how long YOU want to go, and how long SHE does.  Here’s a hint:  she wants you to go longer.  Most guys are caught between enjoying themselves and thinking, “Just hold on…”

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