Your good man is also a dog

Is your man a dog?

(By Uncle Stan) Ladies ladies ladies, how many versions of the truth do you want to hear? Moreover, which version do you want to believe?

Have you ever been in one of those situations where you are in a pub or any other social gathering with friends (a mix of both sexes) and there is a heated debate on the most recent sexcapades of a mutual acquaintance?

How he was busted by his new girlfriend or fiancé or wife (notice the order of importance) cheating with “some bimbo” as the women at the table refer to her or “that hot chic with an ass to die for” as the men prefer to see it?

Then in the midst of that entire hullabaloo, you exclaim, “at least my man is not like that.”

It is unlikely you notice the knowing glances exchanged between the dudes; or the stifled cough meant to camouflage a laugh. More often than not it is so subtle you would never notice it – more so if the people at the table are your man’s boys.

If you are the type who has read the last paragraph and gone on the defensive, waxing lyrical about the way that’s just a stereotype and that there are actually good men out there, then you need to grab yourself some coffee and get comfortable – because I am talking to you.

Now, we are not contesting that there are good men out there – there are. Heck, a good man is writing this article. However, wait for this they are all taken. Trust me. We can argue this out until the cows come home, but it is not an opinion. It is a fact.

It gets worse. Just because the “good ones” are taken does not mean they are that good. “Good” here does not mean the non-cheating type. It means

  1. They are so good at cheating they have not been caught yet.
  2. They do not do it often enough to get caught.
  3. You are too blind and trusting to see the writing on the wall. Perhaps you suspected it and was offered some shoddy evidence but you believed him when he told you otherwise.

You remember now?

Just like your father cheated on your mother when she was pregnant; just like your boss cheats on his adorable wife; just like your pastor cheats with the praise and worship leader and just like your professor cheats with your MBA classmate, men are men first and foremost, then the other figures they are in society.

Never forget that.

Do not be too hard on yourself for realising that your man is not as “good” as you thought. He is, after all, a man.

Yours (and someone else’s)

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