Have you committed to peace yet?


So much has been said, about peace, and with the elections just days away, can it ever be enough?

On Monday, as a Kenyan, you must be ready to not only say peace, but practice it and even enforce it if it is in your power to do so.

Several of Kenya’s top celebrities have come together in a television message calling for peace ahead of the next elections, shot by Nairobi Half Life Director Tosh Gitonga.

Nameless, Patricia Amira, Charles Bukeko, Pinki Ghelani, Wilfred Bungei, Jimmi Gathu, Ian Mbugua, Susana Owiyo, John Sibi Okumu, Habida, Boniface Mwangi, Leonard Mambo Mbotela, Juliani, and Octopizzo are all part of the campaign.

“We wanted to make the point that peace brings people from all walks of life together regardless of age, occupation, ethnicity, gender…just as we can see in the message we shot. As the camera keeps moving forward in the video message, so does life after elections” says Tosh Gitonga.

Hip Hop star Octopizzo, feels peace is a must for Kenya.

“I participated in the video because during the last election I was affected directly by the violence that hit the country and especially my hood, Kibera. I support peace and encourage it for the safety of my daughter, and the children and people of Kenya.”

“Everyone was enthusiastic about the idea and all gave of their time without getting paid anything at all…and it just goes to show how everybody is making peace their priority right now,” said Lara Mastropasqua, the Wazi Campaign’s Project Director.

The Wazi Campaign is being supported by all the local television broadcasters and Fox cinemas.

Have you committed to peace?

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