LG unveils world’s first 84-inch Ultra HD TV at Sh2M

The TV is wider than the average car and equal to four 42-inch TVs
The TV is wider than the average car and equal to four 42-inch TVs

If you are an early technology adopter with Ksh2million to spare, then you can part with your flat screen or High-Def TV for the latest Ultra HD. LG Electronics East Africa has launched the World’s first 84-inch Ultra HD 3D TV with a screen resolution that can display ultra HD pictures four times sharper than a full HD TV.

“The sheer size of the display, which is equal to four 42-inch TVs, will give you a breathtaking viewing experience,” explains Mr Josep Kim, the LG Managing Director, East and Central Africa.

Ultra HD is the branding term for TV sets with roughly four times the resolution of 1080p HD TVs. LG’s Ultra HD TV is wider than the average car and boasts 8 million pixels to generate crystal clear images at a resolution four times higher than existing Full HD. Ultra HD content looks perfect whether you’re 2 feet or 20 feet away from the screen.

The World’s First 84 Inch Ultra HD TV can also display 3D films, and screen can be split to play games and watch movies at the same time. In addition, the Dual Play feature allows opponents playing multiplayer games to simultaneously see different images on the same screen- effectively making split-screen gaming a thing of the past.

“One of the most amazing features of the Ultra HD TV is that it can convert normal television pictures into 3D, and comes with five pairs of glasses for viewing the pin-sharp images,” says Shailesh Kanani, the Managing Director, Hot Point Appliances.

LG has equipped its Ultra HD TV switch CINEMA 3D technology, bringing 3D entertainment into the Ultra HD arena. The 3D Depth Control allows viewers to fine-tune the perceived distance between objects on the screen, for a customizable 3D experience. 3D Sound Zooming furthers the sense of being ‘in the action’ by analyzing onscreen objects to generate sound in accordance with their virtual location and movement.

The TV comes with a built-in Wi-Fi which allows you to download and play thousands of movies and shows from the internet. LG’s Smart TV ecosystem now includes approximately 1,400 apps and access to a growing collection of premium content services, such as 3D World and Game World.

This feature set offers a range of connectivity options such as Wi-Fi and Intel’s Wireless Display (Wi-Di), which enable content to be transferred from portable devices such as laptops, mobile phones, tablets and other devices.

LG’s Ultra HDTV also features a 2.2 Sound System. Consisting of two 10W speakers and two 15W woofers, the sound system produces a lush audio experience that perfectly complements the extraordinary onscreen visuals; creating a true theater-like experience at the home.

“As LG Electronics, we took a clear lead in the Ultra HD TV segment with the introduction of this stunning 84-inch Ultra HD TV last year and subsequent rollout of the 84-inch model in 40 countries worldwide,” says Mr. Kim.

The TV comes with an intuitive Magic Remote that makes navigation simpler and easier with the addition of natural voice recognition to complement the point, wheel and gesture controls.

The new remote also includes Voice Mate which recognizes the natural flow of language to facilitate quick and easy searching across the entire Smart TV ecosystem. LG Smart TV also offers an advanced service which makes recommendations on trending video-on-demand and broadcast programs so viewers can access content based on popularity or individual preference.

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