How to break out of your boring sex routine


Face it, all couples at some point in their relationship are faced by sex becoming monotonous and sometimes boring, but it doesnt mean thats the end. With these tips, spice up your sex life and re-ignite the spark

#1.)  ADMIT IT’S TIME FOR A CHANGE.  The first step is acknowledging that you need to change something.  And you BOTH need to make an effort to talk about it, even if it’s uncomfortable at first.

Make it a fun discussion, not a serious one.  But try to answer a few questions:  How willing are you to change your habits?  And how much effort will it require?

#2.)  COMMUNICATE.  Remember how in the beginning of your relationship, everything was so new and exciting, you couldn’t wait to be naked with each other?  Remind yourself . . . and each other . . . how that felt.

#3.)  BE SPONTANEOUS.  It’s inevitable:  your sex life will get less spontaneous after a while.  So you HAVE to change it up every now and then:  try a different position, or try something new during foreplay, like a sex toy.

#4.)  TEACH EACH OTHER.  Start from scratch one day.  If you both pretend you’ve never had sex together before, you get a clean slate and can “retrain” each other exactly how you want to.  Just make sure you take turns being the teacher and the student.

#5.)  HAVE A SEXUAL ADVENTURE.  Look, you don’t have to use props and costumes to change it up.  Just do it in a different location, read each other something erotic, admit your fantasies to each other, or watch some porno together.

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