6 ways to revive your dying sex life

When a couple have been in a romantic relationship for too long or when a couple have been married for a while, sex is bound to get too routine and boring. Sexologists the world over have been researching and writing about how sex varies from new relationships, to old relationships and relationships that have been sealed in marriage for a while. You will also read in books about how your daily life affects your sex life… You wake up, go to work, come back home, cook or clean and by bedtime you are too tired for even a brief shimmy session between the sheets…


Often women will come up with excuses like: I’m too tired, I have a headache, Can we do this some other day I’m just not in the mood today, I don’t feel this anymore…because they are bored and their sex life and life in general have become too routine.

People forget that sex is fundamental for a healthy relationship and not only that, a happy sex life is beneficial to your health in that it can reduce the risk of heart disease, improve your immunity and may also help keep you sane by reducing stress.

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