Slow cooked love food for Valentines

Love is like food, the best of it is usually cooked long and slow and with the utmost care. When brought together this way it is often thought that that particular kind of love will either last forever, or taste very very good.

Whether people would like to admit it to close friends and family, or not, Valentine’s Day – which falls on February 14 – is indeed a special day. Men and women that are in a relationship go for dinner, eat chocolate, drink wine and champagne, light candles and even feed each other. Depending on what kind of relationship you’re in, you can choose to use that day to celebrate what you have, remember how you got there or just have a very special date to mark the start of the next chapter of your love life.

Whatever you do, here’s something you might like to try: Slow Cooked Lobster.


Prime Lobster, slow cooked for three hours in the oven at 80 degrees is this year’s Valentine’s specialty dish at the Tatu Restaurant in Fairmont the Norfolk.

Surrounded by cold pressed olive oil, roasted vanilla cauliflower, and spring vegetable salpicon, chef Zach says it is a special one-of-a-kind dish, reserved for special moments like this Thursday.

“We try to do something new every year, and this time with this lobster slow cooked, it is a precise and very special kind of meal,” he said.

The Lobster is an appetiser before a choice of either Grilled Morendat Sirloin or Pistachio crusted Lamb for the main course.

Grilled Morendat Sirloin
Grilled Morendat Sirloin
Pistachio Crusted Lamb
Pistachio Crusted Lamb

“Fairmont’s choice meat dishes are best eaten medium rare. The Morendat comes with chilli butter, creamed potatoes and truffle pan jus, while the lamb is complemented by rosemary pont neuf and sauteed spinach,” says Zach.


A very chocolatey dessert will keep your aphrodisiac juices flowing ahead of a possibly steamy evening; Belgian Chocolate Parfait with Grand Marnier strawberries and frozen chocolate Macaroon, plus a cherry saturated with vodka!

Happy Valentines!

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