Signs your boyfriend thinks you are overbearing

Relationships can be tricky! There are times when in a relationship you find yourself trying to do everything possible in your power to keep the relationship going. Good intentions and all… but in the process you forget yourself and it becomes all about the other person hence you become overbearing without even realizing it. Yes your good intentions could be too much for your man! He can’t and probably won’t tell you…but I will.


*You act like his personal assistant and his mother!texts


It’s always good to do things for your boyfriend but if you are doing everything including washing his boxers, taking over his finances, dropping by his house everyday to cook him his fave meal and iron his clothes before you dash off to your own house to sort your own things…


Not only that, you always want to keep tabs on him. Calling him every hour, texting him every minute to wish him a good morning, good lunchtime and good evening…*sickening*

…overbearing could very possibly be your middle name!

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