6 different flats, 6 different styles

Every girl should own at least a pair of ballet flats. They are cute, they are versatile and they are super comfortable.

While some people steer clear of flats as they figure they don’t do their silhouette justice by making them appear short…well, that may be the case but remember you are as tall as you feel.

Flats give you a chilled out vibe plus don’t forget that you can still look super chic in flats while you run around town. They always give your feet and legs the much needed break from wearing heels throughout while protecting your feet from dust.

Below are some versatile looks you could try depending on your preferred style.

Dolled up: Ballet flats paired with a hi-low skirt


Flirty: Ballet flats paired with a dress


Laid back; Ballet flats paired with short shorts


super cute and relaxed: Ballet flats paired with skinnies




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