Is she a Madame OCS?

Madame OCS. This is a term that is not commonly used- in this context- but is a term used to refer to a woman who is bitter, quick to anger, crazy, over-possessive, over-aggressive, nagging, violent, jealous, snoopy, inquisitive and may sometimes be very sweet, loving and caring all in one!


Madame OCS traits

A Madame OCS:

*Always wants to be the one calling the shots and be in power over her significant other.ocs

*Loves attention and when in her company you can never ever say another woman is hot or is dressed on point because be sure she will throw bleach in your face and then on hers.

*Will cause havoc anywhere and in front of everyone and at any time.

*Dictates everything in the relationship including when and where you will get married and she will also decide on the number of children she will have (which is usually limited to one because pregnancies just don’t do justice to a woman’s figure) and will always use the baby against you.

*Insists that you cannot hang out with your friends after work for even half an hour. You always have to rush home to her.

*May claim that you don’t care about her and that you neglect her while everything she has, including her car, you bought for her.

*Will come get you from a bar with kids in tow in the middle of the night and embarrass you in front of your friends and other revelers.

*Complains about everything you do and never appreciates anything.fight3

*Always fights dirty and is quick to throw slaps… and glasses at you.

*Is always in a foul mood, always sneering, always clicking at you and ‘mscheews’ her way to bed on a daily basis.

*Punishes you by destroying your favorite things and which you spent so much money on.

*Is a loose canon and expects you to rescue her every time she’s in a fix.

*Expects you to fight her battles even if she is the one who picked a fight with some random people.

* Will make you lose touch with all your friends and even family so that she’s the only person that matters in your life.

*Calls you out in public and always expects you to behave in a certain way.


*Questions about where you were and who with are constant and never ending. She calls you every hour to make sure you are where you said you’d be at.

*Knows all your passwords and how much money you earn and helps you account for it too.

In fact she just loves it when you’re wrapped around her little finger and will only show remorse when she has done something very nasty.

BUT when she is good, she is good.

She is the best cook, takes care of the home, gives you random special gifts and always pushes you to succeed.

Madam OCS just wants to kill your self esteem and wants you to come down to her level because she insecure… Yes, she is the way she is because she has self esteem issues. Yes! It all adds up to lack of self esteem.

From this I guess you can make up your mind. So are you with a Madame OCS?

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