Men’s fashionable cardigan: Toss it or own it?


If you ask some men if they find men’s cardigans trendy, they will tell you that whenever they see a man wearing a cardigan the next thing they expect to see him wearing is a handbag to match.

Hmmm…everyone has their own opinion when it comes to fashion I guess. While some wouldn’t touch the male cardigan with a ten foot pole, some swear by them and some well, they endorse them but only prefer them on other people.


The trendy cardigan spells fashion, swag and finesse and is perfect for showing off a man’s fit body. They are clearly not for those with huge potbellies. Any metrosexual man with a build to match knows that the cardigan goes a long way in defining his suave style.


As much as some people will tell you that the chunky knit cardigans are so grandpa style, they may be wrong but that will be proven in another article.

How to wear the cardigan

You can wear the cardigan as a formal or casual wear.

For a little punch wear a graphic tee or a solid colored tee with your cardigan and for a suave casual style wear a white tee underneath your cardi.

#Tip 1. Make sure your shirt and your cardigan are snug fitting as the main idea of the fashionable men’s cardigan is to show off your fit physique.

#Tip 2. Both your cardi and your shirt should be made of thin fabric so that the layering does not give you unnecessary bulk.

#Tip 3. In case you want to button up, don’t fasten the last button or two as buttoning all the way may make you look too stiff but if you can rock the all buttoned look with swag then absolutely go for it.

#Tip 4 . For a casual look, opt for fitting jeans instead of slacks


#Tip 5. Pair your cardigan with dress slacks, or khakis and a button-down dress shirt and a thin tie for a formal look.

If your style is eccentric, you can add a bowtie to your formal ensemble

#Tip 6. For a preppy look, roll up the sleeves of both your shirt and cardigan to your elbows or forearms.

So what do you think of this trend? Should it be Tossed or Owned?


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