Live music, fashion and lions

EnricoCrivellaroBG Two-time Grammy nominee Enrico Crivellaro described his concert at the Nairobi National Park this weekend as among the best he has ever had.

Enrico, who was enchanted by the fact that his was playing his guitar in close proximity to lions, giraffes and other wild animals, said it was one of his most fulfilling experiences.

The Grammy nominee was headlining a Jazz, Blues & Fashion in the Wild event at the Ivory Burning Centre in Nairobi’s only National Park in a city.

Organised by Tujipambe – the event married live music to fashion to the delight of the audience.

Crivellaro’s band included Pietro Taucher on the Hammond organ B3, Simone Serafini on bass and Carmine Bloisi on drums.

American vocalist Brian Templeton stood tall and boomed his captivating singing voice for the audience. Here’s a little taste.

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