5 signs it will not work out from the first date

First dates are very crucial in that that’s the only time you’ll ever get to meet that other person for the first time ever and the only chance you’ll get to see his/her best side (read best acting side). You get it? The first date is probably the only time you are allowed to meet that person for the first time, sit down together, get to know each other and then get your chance to base your judgment or take your own unbiased notes.


Meeting someone for the first time helps you know about them and look at them in a neutral-we-just-met kind of way. I mean, since you don’t know them at all, as human beings in general  we tend to be social actors so there’s a high chance this person may be acting for you but it’s the best or worst side you’ll ever experience of them. That being so, that first date will help you always determine if something good/strong/bad/weak will come out of it.

The first date will help you gauge what is to come in the future, so pay attention to every detail on that first date to know when it is time to run for the hills screaming.

1. Your date does not pay attention to you

There will be a big problem to do with attention if:

-your date keeps referring to you constantly with a name that is not yours.

-your date keeps trying to kiss and touch you.call-ex

-your date forces you to split the bill and/or argues with you about it and perhaps even lectures you about it.

-you think you’ve answered the same question every 20 minutes…”Ati how many sisters did you say you have again?”

-your date keeps answering phone calls and chatting away for long leaving you there all fidgety trying not to look like you’re being ignored.

– your date keeps calling you sweetheart, sweets… and all those sweet nothings probably because he/she can’t remember your name.

-your date keeps staring at the waiter/waitress and commenting on how cute the waiter/waitress is.


-your date looks super duper bored with your company and wouldn’t be bothered to cheer up.

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