Kenyans step up to Mi Casa at Blankets


Kenyan concert goers outdid themselves at the 41st edition of Blankets and Wine this Sunday, screaming at the right moments and singing along to express their pleasure at the performances lined up.

Naomi Wachira had the pleasure of stopping the masses at their tracks as they walked in, Barbara Guantai teased them into their blankets, Suzanne Owiyo made them open the wine and do a little jig, before the definite show-stoppers Mi Casa from South Africa came on stage and completed the home run.

It may have been the excitement of a new venue where parking was easier and traffic was bearable, but the joy was in the air and there was no stopping it.

There were too many people to count at the Carnivore, where there was a good mix of young and not so young fans – one side of the divide dressed in costume and the others in plain sundress, tees and jeans.

It was not without teething problems though, but the good outweighed the bad – as evidenced by the positive feedback on Twitter and Facebook.


Said founder and head honcho at Blankets Muthoni Ndong’a: “This being the first event at Carnivore we we’re naturally apprehensive about how people would respond to the change of venue but so far the feedback has been extremely positive. Most importantly for us, we had a lot families coming back into the event which is obviously a good thing since they are a key part of our community. It’s good to see that the changes we have introduced are already bearing fruits but we’ll keep tweaking things here and there in the coming months to make sure we streamline the overall experience.”

“Separately, I was very happy with our line-up this time. The musicians did remarkably well and I’m pretty sure everyone will agree. We also had some really positive feedback about the Cafe Jukebox project with DJ Cortega and DJ Adrian. The fact that people appreciate the African sets they played is a plus for us and a step towards achieving our intention of making Blankets & Wine an authentically African event.”

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