Curvaceous curves and a little bit of color

Camera, curves, color and….Fashion!

So you have some extra curves and you don’t know how to work with them.


Well…I tend to think that curvy girls who are proud of their curves have it easy when it comes to dressing up. When I think of a fabulously dressed curvy girl, I instantly think of the beautiful Tanesha Awasthi of . I mean, talk of somebody who loves her curves such that she has embraced fashion and color in a way you can only admire. She wears absolutely anything she feels like just because she knows she will look fierce in it. She knows exactly how to dress her body.


Most girls with extra curves tend to try and hide in dark colors like black, dark brown and navy blue even when the sun is out there with it’s brothers and sisters forgetting that sometimes this tends to make them look dull hence make them disappear.

Bright colors, especially bright colored tops can give your moods a boost and that’s besides making you look like you’re fashionably with it.


TIP: There would be no harm giving color blocking a shot by pairing your bright colored top with an unexpected pants color.

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