It’s all about the classic Mary Janes

At some point in your life as a little girl you must have owned a pair of Mary Janes or two. Yeah, those cute little shoes with the trademark strap that ran across the instep of the shoe and had to be fastened with a buckle on the side that we mostly wore to school. Well, however cute they were… that was then…

Right now in the fashion world there exists a newer, much sexier, much flattering breed of the Mary Janes.


The new Mary Janes are just different! They got a makeover. Talk of different colors, different styles, different looks. From platform heels, to stilettos, to full wedges, to sculpted wedges…you name it! the classic Mary Janes are back with a sexy bang!


Mary Janes can come with two or more straps. Mary Janes that are all glittery, made of patent leather or suede etc and even Mary Janes with a little bit of extra detail (like a cute bow) on the side.

Another fashionable trend that heavily borrows from the Mary Janes are theT-strap heels that are referred to as so because of the vertical and horizontal straps that run across the instep and form the letter T where the straps converge.


Mary Janes have never been sexier. This new trend gives you a certain edginess while at the same time giving you a firmer grip hence more comfort with a very fashionable twist.

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  1. sheila February 15th, 2013 at 12:44 pm

    omg…these are lovely


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