In those jeans…

5) chilling with the girls for a polite drink up


So, once in a while you want to just hang out with your girls during the day and just chill. Whether it’s gossip over ice-cream or over a few polite drinks, then pairing your denims with a couple of your fave pieces will do you justice. Yes, that’s the perfect time to show off your treasured Chanel accessories.

6) Dress Down Fridays

Fridays are normally easy days. If your office allows it, then you can dress down with your on trend pieces.


This is the time to pull out your trendy blazers as in the office you should respect your surroundings, hence covering up would be the best thing to do. Colleagues are always up to grab a couple of drinks after work and with such  great combos you will be able to kill two birds with one stone and you will fit right in place.

…In those jeans, you can create very many chic looks….

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