In those jeans…

3) Movies with the Mr. vs. Running errands


Beyonce once said that to keep it sexy for her man, she always puts on a pair of killer heels for him. Yes!!!

Look no. 1 : The glam factor. Just because you are wearing a baggy sweater doesn’t mean you can’t glam things up. Because you are going to the movies (which is a date) a touch of fierce should be mandatory plus you never know, you could pass by somewhere later for drinks and you’ll thank your inner fashionista for wearing those heels.

Look no. 2: Those errands need to be run every once in a while so a pair of rubber shoes or ballet flats will come in handy for a casual look. Just because you’re wearing rubber shoes doesn’t mean you should look frumpy so accessories are also mandatory in this case.

4) coffee date on a chilly day/evening


Whenever it pours, everything becomes glum… If the weather is glum, your mood is glum too and somehow we tend to go for dull colors to match our dull mood.  Gray is a dull color but the trick will be just to add a bit of a bright color to your look and voila!…bright look much?

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