In those jeans…

Jeans! They have been there since we can remember…1870’s is it? We love them but sometimes when worn daily they can get boring. A change is always as good as a rest. But, if you are a denim lover and are running out of ways to pair your fab pair of jeans then below are a few ideas.

1) The casual off to brunch with the girls look


For such an occasion your fierce side should be at play! With a jeans and tank combo you can never go wrong but keep in mind that your friends may outshine you so you will have to glam it up a notch. Doing that is easy…accessories! accessories! accessories! and a keen eye…that is all you will need. A pair of high heels to complete your look is a MUST! Both looks (1 and 2) are suitable looks for brunch.

2) A fabulous night out with good company vs. the First date


It can’t always be about fancy dresses when going to a fancy restaurant for a meal. Your fave pair of jeans can help you accomplish that very fancy look without you even trying.

Look no. 1 would be ideal to hit the club in with a bunch of good friends. Nothing says PARTY time like a shimmery top and a pair of stilettos.

Look no. 2 would be the perfect outfit for a first date with a potential someone. You could pair your denims with a bold color top, a blazer, bag and heels to match. With this look you could fit in anywhere fancy.

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