3 fabulous stylish combos for the everyday trendy girl


I’m sure you definitely love yourself and of course the way you look always matters to you a great deal. So you always make the effort to look fierce! You may not always notice it but most people do appreciate it when you take it upon yourself to dress stylishly. So for those who appreciate your fashionable side below are three trendy looks you could try that will make you look even more fabulous.

The Peplum skirt + Mint green blouse combo

Mint green is so in! and you can never go wrong with a peplum skirt.  So why not try pair the two together and be right on trend? This is a very chic yet easy look to pull off. What makes this look interesting is that you can pair it with any type of shoes. You could give it some edgy twist by wearing a pair of converse or glam it all up with a pair of fabulous heels. Flat sandals and even wedges can help pull the whole look together as well. Also don’t forget to accessorize a bit.


Mint green pants+ Blouse and Teal blazer combo

Light fabric blouses are so in right now and mint green is just the color to wear. It flatters every skin tone. Pair a mint green jeans with a light blouse and you’re set. A teal blazer will also work wonders seeing as teal and green fall under the same family. The teal blazer makes the whole outfit pop!


The LBD + Blazer look combo

You can never go wrong with the Little Black Dress! The best thing about the LBD is that you can make a flirty day look and a sexy night look out of it. For a day look, throw on a blazer (check out the edgy blazer with spikes detail at the shoulders- cool huh!) . As usual remember to wear a neck piece that will make hold everything together!




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