Clubbing etiquette for when she is just not interested!

4. When talking to her, make eye contact and not boob, hip or butt contact!! Come on. You are talking to her not her assets!! cf-2

5. Don’t crowd her. If she allows you to chat her up, make polite conversation for not more than 5 minutes and make your leave. Of course ask for her number. Which if she gives you, make a point to use it but not on the next day… maybe the day when she’s fresh and not hangover. She will be more accommodating and you won’t look desperate.

The rest will be up to you, her and God. All the best man.


Any guy who tries to come on to you and his significant other is around is not worth your time because  he doesn’t respect women, is selfish and could be carrying a disease since its something he is used to. Beware!!!

Oh and another thing, if your man misbehaves while you’re with him, why in the hell do you attack the lady? It’s is not her fault. It is the man’s. And all you do when you attack the lady instead is fuel his ego and show him how important he is. Men are not babies; they can be responsible for their actions and can suffer the consequence. Don’t be afraid to get dumped.. You won’t die…and if you do then you’ll be at peace.

Happy clubbing!!

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