Clubbing etiquette for when she is just not interested!


Clubs, clubbing, dunda, rave, etc.. After a hard day earning a living, we all decide to treat ourselves to loud pumping music, drinks and good company.

There is one thing that has always boggled my mind. Why is it that guys pester ladies who from the word go show they are so not interested?  They totally disregard the fact that the we dont want them to and persist. The harder you resist or get disgusted the harder they come at you.

I therefore have taken it upon myself to give you 5 do’s and dont’s of ‘darting’ a lady in the club:

1. DO NOT send the waiter with just one drink for her if she is with other people. Instead, buy everyone at her table drinks then have the waiter point to you to show that its you who cfhas bought the round of drinks and that ‘she’s’ that you are interested in. If you don’t have enough cash for that then patiently wait for her to get to the bar to get herself a drink and offer to buy her one, through the waiter of course. Wave then act disinterested. This will puzzle her and at the same time intrigue her.

2. DO NOT grab her hand to catch her attention or call her babe, honey, lovely….none of those corny demeaning names. You could try to catch her eye or better yet go to her. This will make her feel like she’s in control and at the same time notice that you are man enough to approach her in her domain.

3. If from the onslaught she shows disinterest please DO NOT try to make her change her mind. Leave her with a polite statement. Like tell her you are attracted to her and you just wanted to say hi then turn and leave. The more you insist the more irritated she becomes and the dumber she makes you look.

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