What should Kim and Kanye name their baby?


Once upon a time, a voluptuous beautiful young twenty-something named Kim Kardashian made a sex tape with a former boyfriend, which shot her to eternal reality fame. Sadly, her co-star in the amateur production was not her prince charming, nor was the handsome basketball player Kris Humphries – her husband of only 72 days. The search for prince charming continued, and then came her pal Kanye West, the rapper known for stealing Taylor Swift’s MTV moment…and now, he will be forever remembered as the baby daddy of Kim Kardashian.

Yes, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are expecting their first child.

So readers, in this momentous historic reality moment, pitch in, and suggest some baby names for the expecting couple.


  • who is Kim Kardashian? who does he/she do for a living?

  • amafaranga

    Please remind me, why are the Kardashians famous??

    • john wankesho

      she’s famous bcoz she released one of the hottest sextapes ever with her fine booty n front pair all over the place…i rem when it was released, my soap changed its shape! so that’s why she’s famous..

      • My oh My

        Do you mean porn?

  • Otieno Kardashian

    they shud call the baby Ray J…hehehe

  • Viv

    OMG! I’m so happy for them!!!

  • Sally

    Kanyeki? i mean for the name..

  • Maina Nderitu

    Is it any of our business what they call their baby? D we cre or need to care? Do we have to follow anything and everything these idiots do? Don’t we haves others issues to address? Are we that bankrupt of issues to address that we have to look to the celebrities in some other places? Is that what Kenyans need now? It is suprising that this becomes a question.

  • The seer

    capital waste.
    there are hookers in the streets of nairobi who don’t get the press but have bigger asses.
    Why would we care what the far away harlot calls her kids?

  • dmac

    who gives a shit !

  • Kanye was fathered by a Kenyan Meru man called Kanyee (it is rude in gema). He changed his name to Kanye because he did not see the point of having two ee at the end of his name.

  • luul

    This hoe is an attention seeker. Only a low self esteem weak minded self hating DARK skinned nicca like Kanye would put a baby in that garbage womb.

  • Sick of All Kardasians

    A person who is famous for a porn tape has no contribution to society. Yet not only her but her family to flaunt their lucrative possessions. But we fotget we as a society continues to make them richer! This is sickening! These people contribute to nothing and could give a shit about anything but making more money and glorifying their personas!

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