Gift idea: African print iPhone case

We are mega fans of online store and Oral storytellers African Lookbook launched in 2012 by Aaron Kohn and Phil Sandick. So coming across this new iPhone case accessory we just had to post up about it.
Originally published by Africa Fashion Guide
There’s not much as distinct nor as contested as African fabric. Originally made in Indonesia, imported by the Dutch and British, replicated by the Chinese, and now made in Africa, these imperial patterns have become global signifiers of “African culture.” Over a decade ago, Yinka Shonibare, MBE described wax print this way:
“African fabric, exotica if you like, is a colonial construction. To the Western eye this excessive patterning (Difference) carries with it codes of African nationalism…a kind of modern African exoticism.”
Couple that history with the ubiquitous geopolitical transcendence of the mobile telephone, and the dialectics of colonialism…become much more awesome looking.
Available in four print colours and made for the iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5 and for only $39.95 its a must have accessory!
Which one will you buy?
See more info here to purchase your own:
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