‘Femcee’ Xtatic drops fresh new video ft Aka

The second video by Kenyan ‘femcee’ Xtatic is out in heightened bling-graffiti fashion!

Hit ‘em Up, produced by The Fahrenheitz and directed by Matt Stonier, also features Channel O Award winning rapper AKA and newcomer Priddy Ugly.

Fans, who were confused by Xtatic’s ‘singing’ in WILD, will definitely be doing cartwheels to catch a fresher glimpse of her emceeing side.

The gritty video will be live on Channel O from today.

According to a statement from Sony Music, the fresh new track ‘starts revealing just the tip of the iceberg of the diversity and talent from this rising star’.

The young Kenyan said she felt a strong connection to this video because it was more her.

“I love the hood look, the street look, and the rawness of the video! I love it!”

Working with AKA was a good experience, she said, and stated her admiration for the professionalism AKA instilled in his work.

“As for Priddy Ugly, I’m waiting for him to drop his album. He is all kinds of awesome,” she said.

‘Punch lines and killer bars’ punctuate this track that resurrects hip hop legend Tupac’s sound.

“We are taking this. We are here. This song makes a statement,” she told Capital Lifestyle.

Ladies and gents, how would you rate the video?

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