It’s the most wonderful time of the year

Ahhh the Holidays. We all love the holidays and the good stuff they bring with them…good fun, good cheer and lots and lots of parties with warm, cheerful people. So since we get invites to these parties at this wonderful time of the year we have to look the part in our preferred style and below are a few ideas on how to bring it:

Show off your fabulous shoulders

Since the weather is usually kind of summery at this time of the year, what better way to show off your shoulders in a bandeau number. With such a hot number you will be sure to turn heads and for all the right reasons. Wear this to a flirty/friendly party and be sure to take loads of photos.

Show off your amazing figure

That end of year office party that you’ve been waiting for all year long is finally here. Pull out your figure hugging dress and clutch to match and just like that you will be the classy belle of the ball. The trick here is not to show too much skin 😉 .

Show off your teeny-tiny waistline

You can never go wrong with a skirt. Besides doing wonders to your silhouette, they help you show off your legs and act as natural waist cinchers. Whether you are a girlie girl or a sexy mademoiselle the right skirt in your preferred style will always work in your favor.

Show off your awesome figure

Pants with the right fit tend to work magic to your figure without seeming like you even tried. Whether you are into denims, faux leather pants, or tailored pants you will look awesome! With the right pair of high heels your legs will look like they go on for days plus they will make your butt look great! sexy even 😉

Show off your long pins

If you know you have fabulous, toned legs that go on for days then why not show them off in your short shorts. Anyone who can pull these off should be confident enough to rock them out of the house and hit the club or a chilled out party and feel fabulous.

Whatever your style, be sure to enjoy the holidays with some style.


Disclaimer: It’s not about the models, it’s all about the clothes

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