This week inside Tunu’s closet…(14)

Tunu is a Kenyan fashionista extraordinaire. She is well-versed in fashion matters. She is passionate about fashion such that she makes sure she stocks up her SHOP with the latest worldwide chic-est trends. She knows what’s IN when it’s still too hot and flying off fashion store shelves and she never minds sharing. All this is evident from her closet which is featured weekly on Capital Lifestyle as she gives you tips on how to rock some of these fashionable on trend pieces!

This week,it’s all about Tunu in color!

BB – Burgundy and Berry

Tunu Says: One could simply code these colors as Maroon and Purple but just a slight change in hue changes everything when it comes to fashion.

Burgundy gets its name from France where the burgundy grapes are grown for wine so its a darker red wine shade while Berry is definitely the color of berries which is darker than purple with a hint of navy.

The colors are both stains of vintage wine and they are one of the biggest outbreak colors this season.

Tunu’s tip: For Lawyers and Bankers used to dark colors like black or navy, Burgundy and Berry will blend seamlessly into your wardrobe as an alternative to black without portraying the harsh appearance that black sometimes does and you can be sure to be playing it safe and yet trendy at the same time.
However, if you prefer some light in your outfit, these colors make a unique combination with mustard and orange.

Get this mixed burgundy and berry accessories from and try out new burgundy shades in make up and nail polish to complete the look.

Despite all this, the best color in the world is one that looks good on you!

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