CÎROC Vodka gets a fabulous East African launch

CÎROC, one of the world’s most sophisticated vodkas in the entire world was officially launched at the CÎROC mansion party over the past weekend.

The CÎROC launch which was a fabulous black-tie celebrity invite only party at a private residence in Nairobi was well attended with Nairobi’s Who’s who and was not devoid of surprises here and there. Guests were entertained to good music, surprise spectacular performances and of course signature CÎROC cocktails which were a hit.


Get to know CÎROC better:

CÎROC Ultra-Premium Vodka is made from fine French grapes for an exquisitely smooth, fresh and innovative drinking experience.

CÎROC vodka uses cold maceration, cold fermentation and cold storage processes, until now only practiced by top fine wine producers. It is these processes, combined with five distillations, which extracts the full flavor from the grapes and preserves the fruits’ distinct freshness.

CÎROC is the ultimate luxury serve for the most vibrant and exclusive celebrations. Enjoyed by VIPs all over the world, it creates an unforgettable experience, living a life more vivid.

CÎROC Master Distiller Jean-Sebastien Robicquet believes “The craftsmanship behind CÎROC means it stands alone from other vodkas making it the ultimate luxury drink for the most iconic of celebrations. We assess each consignment of CÎROC vodka to ensure it is of world-leading quality before it takes centre stage at the world’s most vivid experiences.”

CÎROC is a part of the Diageo Reserve Brands and is managed locally by EAST AFRICAN BREWERIES LIMITED (EABL).

This year alone, CÎROC has had a leading presence at the world’s most glamorous destinations, including the Cannes and London Film Festivals, proving that the Ultra-Premium Vodka is the choice for celebratory moments.

Locally, CÎROC will continue to make its mark on the social scene partnering with high-profile individuals to host the quarterly mansion parties as well as affiliations with some of the most glamorous events within the region. Over the course of the coming year CÎROC will put its signature ‘art of celebration’ stamp on the Nairobi map.

Inspired by a heritage of winemaking and distilling going back to the XVIth century, when the Robicquet family funded the House of Villevert, CÎROC combines traditional, handcrafted techniques with contemporary processes to carve distinctive, ultra-premium vodka with an exceptionally fresh and vibrant citrus taste.

Check out some Images from the  CÎROC mansion party:

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