Ugandan Nick Nola teams + Slim Burna on “Oya Na”

Ugandan R&B Fusion artist, Nick Nola has decided to join Nigeria’s Slim Burna aka Gabriel Halliday on the official remix to his recent smash single ‘Oya Na’. The new song will be one of two Nola’s first-ever collaborations with Nigerian artists, both yet-to-be-released, and it’s also a great opportunity for Port-Harcourt’s very own Slim Burna who’s looking to extend his influence outside of his home country.

Nola’s management, UGPulse, gave the assurance that the end product of the collaboration will enthrall fans and critics alike and also revealed that production duties will be handled by one of Uganda’s top producers, Producer Washington, and will be mastered in the US by Lurssen Mastering.

There has been no official confirmation from either of the two artists regarding when the track will be released.

Nick Nola is in the final stages of publishing his “Honey Moon” project, his long-awaited debut album that features engineers and producers from around Africa and the world. The new Oya Na Remix is among the songs to be published on this album.

Slim Burna recently began work on a new mixtape called “I’m On Fire” which is shaping up to be one of the most anticipated mix-tapes to come out of southern Nigeria music scene.

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