Enraged Chris Brown deletes twitter account

Chris Brown has deleted his twitter account after a scathing altercation with comedian Jenny Johnson on Sunday night.

It’s anyone’s guess why exactly he deleted it, but it may have been an emotional decision seeing that the argument wasn’t really going his way.

It all started with Chris Brown minding his own business, tweeting that he looks a bit old for 23.

Johnson responded to the tweet by telling him that it might be because he was not such a nice person.

Breazy then went for the jugular, telling off the blonde-haired comedian using references to vile sexual acts, to which she responded by saying his mother would be so proud.

Several ‘twiterrers’ joined the brief tirade, with many supporting the comedian but with others proceeding to issue death threats against Johnson for offending Chris Brown.

Check out the exchange here… https://twitter.com/JennyJohnsonHi5

One major reason for anger against Brown was that he wasn’t good for Barbados musician Rihanna who seems smitten with him, even posting pictures of him asleep on the bed with her handbag next to him.

The photo, which shows only Chris’ tattoos, alludes that they spent the Thanksgiving weekend together despite claims by both of them that they are simply trying to be friends.

Just what is going on with these two?

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