Unique Homes Magazine: A Décor Twist of Sculptures

By Pamba Boma

Nothing screams art more than sculptures. When you truly want to add some drama into your decor, then that is the way to go. Sculptures are dramatic and cannot be hidden away.  Showcasing them will give your decor the stylish sophistication it deserves.

Sculptures do quite a number of interesting things to your decor. You can use them to bring out the height of your ceiling, to make unusual spaces usable, complement the architecture of your home, add fun into decorating and more importantly, bring balance to your decor.

Sculptures are very versatile, and they range from the very functional pieces in form of lamp holders, candle holders, cup holders and even coat hangers to the more definite and dramatic ones. For any budget you may have, a sculpture becomes a possible décor twist in your home.


Your home’s decor is a reflection of who you are. Bring out your inner feelings and emotions in the type of sculptures you put in your home. If you have ever been to a place and want to bring the emotions of the place with you, then get a sculpture as a souvenir, say, from the coastal region or Maasai figurines.

Do you have some nooks and crannies in your home that look bare and out of place? Sculpture is the answer to transform them into wonderful usable spaces. There are some corners that may not be space enough for furniture but a well placed sculpture makes all the difference. Some of these spaces include under the staircase where the height is not enough to hold usable furniture but can accommodate a set of sculptures wonderfully.

You may also have some curved walls where you cannot really hang a canvas but a 3-D sculpture fits in just perfectly. In such a space you will realize that even with some furniture like a pair of seats, the space still looks bare. The wall sculpture ties in the elements together, the seats, the wall and the sculpture itself.

Have you ever thought of using some garden gnomes in your backyard? You will be amazed at how much the character of your garden will be enhanced. Your interior decor skills and efforts should be extended to the outdoors. It will give you a nice view from the indoors and a comfortable environment from the outdoors. Bird baths and garden fountains add to the ambiance and water features are known to have a soothing effect.

Adding a few sculptures to your decor may translate to creating focal points in your home. You will end up with a balanced decor and the texture in a room is increased with the creative addition of art and particularly sculpture. So go ahead and have fun while incorporating sculpture into your living spaces. www.pambaboma.com


This article was first published by Unique Homes Magazine.


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