What did I say last night?

A new study has confirmed what we have all suspected for ages: Kenyans turn to their mobile phones when they’re drinking – and more than three-quarters of them are likely to post photos on social media sites while under the influence.

The study, commissioned by mobile advertising network InMobi, surveyed 750 people over the age of 18, and a staggering 78% confessed that their social media activity increased while drinking. 79% will freely chat, SMS and mail while drinking.

So don’t worry, you are not the only one who goes through your sms’ after a heavy night to do some damage control. There is a good chunk of your friends and neighbours that find they often have to craft apologies or deny declarations of love made while under the influence.

On Facebook and Twitter, slightly intoxicated Kenyans have been known to reveal ‘clandes’, secret love affairs and sordid details of relationships with ex-lovers.

InMobi’s managing director for Africa, Isis Nyong’o, said they commissioned the survey to understand drinkers’ preferences and mobile engagement level to assist brands in developing mobile marketing campaigns – and it revealed some interesting insights into the habits of the average Kenyan drinker.

In all, 51% of respondents drink weekly, but only 7% admit to drinking daily. Why do Kenyans drink? The key drivers are to celebrate special occasions (55%), distress and relax (38%), and bond with family and friends (37%).

This frequency could directly co-relate with the amount of ‘damage control’ one can end up doing – however that was not in the study.

Where Kenyans drink is largely determined by their gender. 67% of men drink at bars, as opposed to only 45% for women – you’re far more likely to find them at a nightclub (58%) or at home, or at a friend’s home (49%).

“For us, though, the most interesting thing to come out of this survey is that for most consumers, mobile is a better medium than TV or online for alcohol ads,” said Nyong’o. “But you still need to grab their attention. Kenyans love funny content, giveaways, discounts and even invitations to VIP events!”

So what drink affects your behaviour and what’s the silliest message you have ever sent while having a good time? Do share…

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