FAFA 4th edition designer profile: Gloria Wavamunno

Crème of Nature and Capital FM have teamed up with the biggest fashion organization in Kenya, to bring you “FAFA Fashion For Peace” Gala night. This glamorous event will take place in Nairobi on the 17th of November 2012, under the stars, at the Silver Ring mega-dome in Ngong Racecourse.

FAFA brings you an eclectic mix of established and emerging African fashion houses while maintaining its reputation as one of the most exciting events fashionistas have seen on Kenyan soil.

Ajuma the  international catwalk queen, is selecting the models that will grace the FAFA runway, so make sure to stay connected to FAFA twitter and Facebook pages for more information.

DESIGNER PROFILE: Gloria Wavamunno

Born in London, England and raised between the fast paced London and Kampala, GloRia WavaMunno graduated from the American Intercontinental University London in 2008.  A year later, in January 2009, she founded her own label, GloRia WavaMunno debuting her first ever collection, Love.

As early as the age of six, GloRia had a love for fashion, fabric, and garment construction. Inspiration has since been limitless and been drawn from vast subjects like motion, music, and ethos. Her use of African Kitenge fabric from all over Africa in modern-cut designs captures the passion for her homeland, its vast culture, and wealth of inspiration.

In the same year her label started, she showcased her third collection, A-FREAK-A at the AFI Africa Fashion Week 2009/2010 which internationally increased her recognition as an upcoming artist.

A year later, in 2011, she showcased yet another collection aptly named, ‘Not A Dream, My Soul mate‘, speaking of her soul mate Africa, at the LGN London Fashion Week. It was laced with overtones of free trade campaigns with T-shirts bearing bold statements teamed with her trendy signature Kitenge; showing off superb tailoring of elegantly cut blazers.

Having spent time interning for renowned men’s designer, Ozwald Boateng after university. GloRia acquired impeccable skills in the industry. While her time as an apprentice gave her indispensible knowledge and opportunities, she preferred to explore the entrepreneur in her and take on the fears and excitement she relates with creating beautiful clothes.

Since the creation of her label, GloRia has worked tirelessly to put out a collection every season, showcasing her work to at least one well known fashion show a year. A signature style of authentic fabrics, sharp tailoring, sensual designs and individuality continue to show in her creations.

GloRia WavaMunno the designer is set on redefining the fashion industry in Africa with timeless creations for the discerning fashion lover. For her, fashion is not merely a trend but rather an integral part of her. Ultimately, the GloRia WavaMunno brand remains her true reflection of her love and passion for individuality, sensuality, and culture.

*Gloria Wavamunno

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