The Channel O Awards are upon us, who’s voting?

Every time a famous Kenyan is recognized globally or regionally in the field of entertainment, the media snaps it up, the online stories are awash with comments and everywhere they go, the actors/musicians get hugs and slaps on the back.

People profess to know them and they play along, so as not to be rude. The awards come and go, and the famous Kenyan is stuck not with a trophy, but with their name on the list of nominees and an empty cloud on top of their heads.

When the famous Kenyan loses out on the award, the fans will either say pole or not mention it at all. They will Trump out their cries of injustice and vow never to vote again. After all, that one vote they made should have counted; it should have been enough for victory, yes?

We all know the problem, nobody votes. Or at least, not enough people are voting. And those who are, are only voting once. Let’s change this for the Channel O Music Video Awards, shall we?

Those who have voted, thank you. Those who haven’t, today is the last day! We have until midnight so hit the internet and/or sms pronto! See below the nominees and the voting codes.

Camp Mulla has four nominations: 3D, 4E, 13B and 14I

AY and Sauti Sol: 13C

Wyre: 6E

Habida ft Cannibal: 9E

Keko ft Madtraxx: 2E, 13A

The codes should be sent to +27 83 920 8406 and the standard rate is Sh10 per sms.

Voting can be done online here.

Kenya lucked out at the 2011 Channel O Awards ceremony, but this time we can fare much better.