Swahili Beach takes you to unparalleled relaxation

swahili beach diani kenya photographed by susan wong 2012

Like ancient Persian gardens, the calm reflective surfaces of endless reflection pools grandly escort you through the passages, and direct you to the first of eight pools that gradually cascade down the natural slope of the property to the fine white-sanded beaches of Diani, and to the glistening Indian Ocean.

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Designed to reflect the very beauty of Paradise itself, Swahili Beach is made up of lush tropical gardens, fountains with running water, streams, reflection pools, rich furniture made from 110-year-old coconut wood, sensually arched wood-framed windows, intricate Arabesque inlays on white-washed walls, grand and airy hallways and columned arcades where the sun and wind freely flow.  White, purple, red, and golden yellow tones used as accents throughout the property, all somewhat fade through the lapse of time during the day.  The property simply glows from the glare of the setting sun.  Underneath the stars, Swahili Beach is magically illuminated by pools of water with changing LED lights.  Swahili Beach is a harmonious blend of Islamic, African and Asian architecture.

An ideal property for those in search of a harmonious inner landscape and to experience unparalleled relaxation through well-designed spaces, guests are overwhelmed with the calming energy from the moment they hear their own voices echo in the foyer and the trickling from the many water fountains.

Nicely tucked away so that the crowds headed to the beaches miss it, the spa is a fitness and wellness hub for guests and even the residents of Diani.  The spacious yet quaint quadrangle building features a central water fountain that feeds smaller streams that flow through the foyer into another pool.  The modern gym, three treatment rooms and a future specialized Ayurvedic treatment facility surround the central arcade.  Upstairs, guests enjoy manicures and pedicures overlooking the ocean and for the more intrepid, rooftop yoga classes are also available.

Superior rooms feature a spacious veranda, Indian rugs, an inviting bath tub, and a rain shower that you won’t want to step out of.  In fact, don’t be surprised if indulging in morning baths before you head to one of the eight pools becomes a habit.  With an onsite water recycling plant and numerous solar panels that warm the water, your reservations of indulging in all this water is somehow eased thanks to Swahili Beach’s commitment to minimize ecological impact.

As Confucius insightfully said, “Time flows away like the water in the river.”  At Swahili Beach, being surrounded by what seems to be an infinite amount of water; time is inconsequential and simply flows to the ultimate state of relaxation – mind like water.  If mind-like-water is your destination, then Swahili Beach is the path that will take you there.



Swahili Beach diani kenya photographed by susan wong

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