SKYFALL Review: worth every money-penny!

A blonde-haired bad guy better known as Javier Bardem and a fitting cast including Daniel Craig, Naomie Harris, Judi Dench and Ralph Fiennes are worth every ‘money’ penny in the latest edition of James Bond; Skyfall.

Sam Mendes has directed a gem of a film; with two hours of thrill, frill and wit that are deserving of at least two tubs of popcorn!

However much anticipation you have built up, nothing prepares you for the all-rounded expertise in Skyfall from dialogue to acting and even eye candy!

Daniel Bond is third time lucky in this 50-year-old franchise, finally fitting –completely – into the shoes of the most successful secret agent that Britain has ever had.

And as if to complement Danny’s suave, Bardem easily plays a pseudo-intelligent maniac Raoul Silva, whose mission in life is to bring down the MI6.

M – Judi – will not let that happen as you can imagine, and her steely fortitude is warmer than ever in this fantastic film.

After a host of disappointing action flicks in the past few months, Skyfall is a hurricane – read fresh air – for cinema lovers.

An action routine on the busy streets of Istanbul kick-starts the movie; Naomie (Eve) is Bond’s partner when things go horribly wrong. Only a mind-boggling plot against Britain’s intelligence agency can bring Bond out of the ‘grave’ and in his efforts to unravel and extinguish the threat, a bad man by the name Raoul Silva forces him to face demons from his past.

Skyfall will keep you at the edge of your seat, through an incredulous journey of love, passion, deceit, perseverance and sheer terror (Silva).

There was Royal World Premiere for the movie in the UK on Tuesday and it will be screening in Nairobi tonight, at an exclusive premiere by Heineken, who are one of the official sponsors of the film. The screening will also happen simultaneously in Milimani City (Tanzania) and Oasis (Uganda).

A second premiere with their co-sponsors Coke Zero will be taking place tomorrow evening, a full week before it officially hits the cinemas.

Director Sam Mendes says the immense pressure of putting together a Bond film and more especially during its 50th anniversary was probably what helped him excel in it. He expressed to the media that he had nothing but respect for his crew, sentiment reciprocated by the actors. Capital Lifestyle gives Skyfall a 9/10.

Kenyan media watched Skyfall at a private screening at the Sarit Centre on Monday.

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