The Amazing Dress

You always find yourself wearing the same earrings, bracelets and necklaces because you can just never find a complete pair of the earrings you want to wear when you need them and you are in a hurry or your necklaces are always in a tangled mess with your other accessories or you simply find yourself wasting too much time looking for those tiny accessories in that box you store them in to the point you just choose to go without. I bet you were like uh-huh!… Yeah!… Uh-huh!

Well, there is this fabulous fashionable creation called the Little black/ pink dress that is just too fabulous that for lack of a better word I prefer to call the AMAZING DRESS!

So how amazing is this little dress?

Well, we live at a time where with things changing here and there and everything becoming modernized, closet space is constantly on the shrink. So, this little dress let’s you store maximum jewelry while using up the smallest amount of space ever.

*It is a double-sided, thin jewelry organizer

* It gives you easy access to your jewelry which in turn helps you save precious time as it helps you make quick decisions pap!

 No more I-can’t-find-my-preferred-accessories dilemmas 🙂

*It offers you an easy way to display your fabulous jewelry

*It hangs on a rod or hook to maximize space and swivels

*It is fuss free and makes you look super organized while at it

*It has plenty of space to accommodate all your jewelry and accessories

*It is made of Polyester fabric body with clear vinyl pockets and polyester loops that are quite strong and can hold even your embellished belts.

-On the front it has 36 clear vinyl pockets useful for storing your beads, hair accessories, watches, rings , pins, brooches, earrings, bracelets, bangles, chains and on the reverse it has 18 hook and loop closures.

*It presents you with a stylish way to store the above mentioned.

Amazing huh!

All that and all you need to do is get a coat hanger and hang the dress over the rail in your wardrobe or better yet you can pimp your bedroom by hanging it on the back of a door.

You can also easily roll it up and pack it in your bag in case you are travelling and carry all your lovely goodies with you instead of having to choose which accessories you need to carry with you on the trip and it does not take much of your bag space.

In short, the little black/pink hanging jewelry organizer a.k.a the amazing dress helps you keep your jewelry tangle free and easy to find! It is the perfect closet accessory for any fashionable person who is into accessorizing. It is something you want to own especially if you are a jewelry collector.

It can work as the perfect gift for your friend, girlfriend…

It is a wise way to spend money and you can very easily get your hands on one.  For just Ksh1,000 you can make your fun, stylish and smart investment HERE or HERE.

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