The KITENGE festival is finally here!

Are you proud to be all African, all the time? Or do you just love and appreciate the African culture? Well, Nairobi V.I.P in partnership with Capital FM will for the first time ever bring you the KITENGE Festival! The festival to be held at the Village Market on Saturday the 20th of October will carry the theme Bring the Drama!

With the main aim being to celebrate African fabric, African culture and African music the event promises to bring on some African drama. Some of the designers that will be present at the festival include John Kaveke, Anne Mpinga, Betty Vanetti, Dukawalla, Wambui Mukenyi, Hen Nefer, Ogake, Gloria Baraza, Blackbird Jeans among others.

You will also get the chance to indulge in authentic African cuisine from around the continent and the best part is that you can contribute in bringing the drama by wearing something African.

Check out the videos below:






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