iAfya to deliver mobile health content in Swahili

Avallain Africa, the social-enterprise behind the iAfya app, has released an upgraded mobile and web application that – for the first time – provide Swahili health-related content straight to mobile phones of millions of Kenyans.

The unveiling of iAfya version 2 follows the successful run of iAfya 1 which has seen thousands of Kenyans use the mobile and web versions.

“At Avallian Africa, we have taken health care information to a new level. Using innovation and technology leadership; we are putting Kenya on the forefront of the social-economic transformation by offering ICT-based education and information solutions. And now in language easily accessible to majority of Kenyans,” says Ms. Shelmith Mumbi, Head of Content at Avallian Africa.

iAfya2 has benefited from feedback received from users that have interacted with the first version. One of the key changes has been improving usability and simplifying the content to bridge the health-literacy gap and divide in the society. This has been achieved through generation of high quality easy to understand content that is accessible to both the under-privileged and well placed users.

The app offers health information to consumers who want to look up medical conditions, browse medical procedures, check treatment options or need basic aid. An addition to iAfya2 is a platform where users can create a community or network of health consumers through its new ‘Forums’ feature. Any user can share his/her experience and ideas concerning health and wellness conditions.

“Future versions of iAfya will give users tools to create personal health goals and plans as well as a deep connection to social media where iAfya users will act as social media community health workers and enlighten their friends and families on basic health care education,” says Dr. John Muthee, Head of Business Development, Avallain.

The information provided by the app is fully certified by a team of qualified doctors who work at Avallain Africa. With its headquarters in Kenya, Avallain Africa is planning to spread to other countries in Africa including Nigeria, South Africa and Tanzania. Although the app is only available on the BlackBerry platform and on USSD SMS form, plans are underway to develop app for Android.

“If we can improve access to health information to the masses, then we are on our way to improving health interventions and ultimately, reducing health related costs,” says Dr. Muthee.

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