How To: Earrings Storage Solutions!

(By SHARON MUNDIA) Ever wondered how you can stop your earrings from becoming a tangled mess? Or how to keep each pair together so that you don’t spend precious seconds trying to find them? Perhaps you just simply want a cute display that allows you to visualize which pair would go perfectly with your outfit?
Well if your answers to the above questions were “Yes,  Yes,  YES!”  then this post is for you!
Here’s a quick DIY on how to turn your picture frames into storage solutions for your earrings.
You’ll need:
A picture frame(s) – the bigger the better as you’ll be able to store more earrings on it
A meshed plastic screen – you can easily get this from your hardware store. I got mine for KES300 (about $3.50) for 1 meter and, depending on what’s available at the store, you can choose your color too.
A pencil or marker – preferably a marker
A ruler
A pair of scissors
Step 1: Take out the glass from your picture frame and measure the length and width of the back of the frame using your ruler.
Step 2: Using your marker, draw these measurements on the meshed plastic screen and cut out this shape using your pair of scissors
Step 3: Place the cut meshed screen inside the picture frame and follow with the back of the frame making sure you secure the frame properly. You wouldn’t want to have an unstable frame with all your earrings on it!
Step 4: Hang your earrings up as you please 🙂
 This was a really quick and easy DIY, it took me less than 10 minutes to do both frames!
As an alternative to your earrings storage solution, you could always purchase a jewellery mannequin.
Another option would be to get a kiondo bag and hang your earrings on it! There’s almost no effort involved  as kiondos are inexpensive and easily available. All you’ll need is an adhesive hook and you’re ready to roll!

Hope you found this useful!

Sharon Mundia is the author of ThisIsEss Blog.
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