1 in 5 adults loves someone other than their partner

Bad news people!!! The dating and marriage thing just got way trickier. According to a study, 20 per cent of people are in love with someone other than the person they are currently with. If you’re like me, in a relationship that seems to be headed to marriage, that statement has made you take another look at your relationship.

A recent poll of 3,000 people in relationships showed that one in five adults are actually in love with someone other than their significant other.

That means that twenty percent of adults in relationships are in love with someone else. For reasons that are unknown, but likely have to do with finances, desire, children, and fear, people settle down in relationships even when their hearts belong to someone else.

The scariest part about this is just under five million people who are either married or living with a significant other could have strong romantic feelings for someone else. Source


What that tells me is people are settling. If you look at the likely reasons, especially finances and children, those are things you should have talked about before you decide to settle down.

When it comes to finances, I believe if you can’t be open about it, there’s no need for cheating yourselves that you’re in a relationship. I, for one, am very happy about the credit system being introduced in Kenya. Before we get married, I reserve the right to run a credit check so that I’m aware of exactly which debt of yours I will be half responsible for once we get married. Could someone shed light on whether it will be possible for an individual to run a credit check on another individual in Kenya?

Settling down with someone is such a huge step for me. You’d think people would soul search and get rid of all doubt before making that step. I firmly encourage you to meet up with any ex you may still have feelings for and get them out of your system. Do not be afraid! The worst that could happen is you both realize that you have feelings for each other and save your significant others from a lifetime of depression. I guess that’s where the concept of stag nights and hen parties came from. Get all the doubt out of your system! Love the one you’re with!

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