Hot Trend Alert : The optical illusion dress

The dresses below have several things in common. For a fact, they are all dresses, they are all gorgeous and best of all they have that cunning effect. Ladies, in fashion they call this the “optical illusion dress”.

As the name optical illusion suggests these dresses whose main characteristic is a different color on the side panel help trick your eyes into seeing something else. Like a trimmed down waist that happened overnight. Something that is ‘as if’ there but ‘not quite’.

This dress can sort you out in a couple of situations.

*You’ve packed on a few pounds over the holidays and there’s a MUST attend party in a week which means no time to hit the gym to lose the extra pounds…you look for the optical illusion dress.

*You think your waist is a little thick  and every attempt at toning it down has proven futile. Nothing. Has worked. For. You. …then you read this piece of the optical illusion dress 😉

*You lack curves and mostly people tease you that you have a young boys’ figure…then you find out there’s something called the optical illusion dress.

*You have a flat chest and you want it to look fuller…the optical illusion dress with a shadow panel under the the chest will help make you look bustier.

In other words you can call it the cunning dress as it has some tricks up its sleeves.

So, whether you want a few inches taken off your waist or whether you want that perfect hourglass figure or whether you just want to be the “it” girl and look just plain fabulous…then this dress is for you!

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  1. pistolla October 10th, 2012 at 4:59 pm

    dress defines the lady

  2. Muluvanga June 26th, 2013 at 12:56 pm

    Fake hair, fake eyelashes, fake eyebrows, fake asses and now fake figures! FAKE WOMEN!


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