Lady Gaga fans angry at late show

Irate fans on Sunday heckled flamboyant US pop singer Lady Gaga after she was over an hour late for a public appearance at London’s famous Harrods department store.

Hundreds of fans had waited for hours to welcome the star, but they described how she rushed past them and into the shop, where she was launching new perfume, Lady Gaga Fame.

“It’s quite ironic it’s called Fame because it just shows how much fame has changed her,” said Luke Reader, 18.

“She couldn’t even spend five minutes talking and having some pictures taken. It’s not on.”

The Poker Face singer was due to arrive at the event in Knightsbridge at 19:30, but finally arrived on a horse-drawn carriage at 20:45.

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  1. Avatar Zac Stevenson October 8th, 2012 at 5:13 pm

    She signed pictures for a good 20 minutes out the front and there’s photos of people getting autographs. Stories like these make me sad, because it shows how shallow and eager journalists are to spark angst and hate. Please don’t actually regard any of what is written in the article above as true.


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